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Just north of the lights and noise of Patong lies Kamala beach. A quieter stretch of sand with a more relaxed feel. A paradise for those who prefer relaxation.

Kamala is a great place for families with children. Early in the morning you can watch fishermen setting out to sea. In the daytime take a stroll on the streets, enjoying Thai fruits and sweets from the village market. Phuket’s largest amusement park, Phuket Fantasea, opens its doors in the evening with something to offer for young and old alike.

In the mood for more entertainment without the kids? The center of nightlife in Phuket, Patong Beach, is at your disposal with a wide variety of venues to choose from. It is very close, and getting there and back is not a problem.

Kamala’s Location

Kamala is a short drive away from Patong to the north. Just turn right at the dolphin circle in Patong, go over the hill and Kamala begins immediately as you come down from the hill. The beach, rightly considered one of Phuket’s most beautiful, is surrounded by forested hills.

What to do in Kamala?

Kamala is a quiet area. Beachside streets are so narrow that car parking is simply impossible. But despite that shortcoming everything you need for a carefree holiday is here. It is better to park in the designated area near the beach and take a walk or ride a motorbike.

Along the streets there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, massage parlors and shops. Kamala is very popular with the Swedes. So you often notice blond families, creating a contrast to the dark-haired Thais. In the middle of Kamala they’ve recently built a Big C Shopping Mall. So if you love to cook, you won’t have far to go for your cooking supplies.

Right at the edge of the beach sits a small park with a monument to the victims of the 2004 tsunami. Parking is not allowed in the park but it is widely used by hawkers who sell souvenirs and street food from their stalls.

Despite being a little under the radar of developers apart from its Millionaires Mile, Kamala is actively expanding. Its quieter place image helps Kalama to keep attracting tourists and investors from around the world. Some of the most expensive villas and resorts in Phuket are located here.

In the evening, when the sun is setting, tourists from all over the island come to see the show in the amusement park, Phuket Fantasea. This is one of the largest carnival–theaters in Phuket. The show is separated into three distinct parts.

  • The fair itself. It is a favorite place for children. If you are staying in Phuket with family, it is worth visiting all the booths and play the games with your kids. Every time we went, we returned with a bagful of toys.
  • Elephant Palace and the Square. The show begins on the square and moves onto the stage inside. This costume play is based on the mythology of Thailand. No point trying to explain what it’s all about. As they say — seeing is believing.
  • “Golden Kinnaree” buffet. It is said 4000 guests at a time can eat there. I haven’t counted the seats myself, but it is really big. On the assertions of management — the biggest buffet in Asia. Thai and international dishes are served here. Eat all you can.

Kamala attractions

Visit the Buddhist temple located in the southern part of the area. In 2004 it was almost completely destroyed by the tsunami. Fortunately, thanks to the support of the Australian television Backyard Blitz, the temple was restored. To the joy of tourists and locals.

Real Estate in Kamala

In this quiet and pleasant area you will find a large selection of villas, houses and apartments of every class. In the south, the beach road goes uphill and the area is nicknamed “Millionaires Mile”. Some of the most expensive villas in Phuket are hidden from view here.